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OBITUARIES Abstracted from the
Wilmington Star News and the Wilmington Journal - 2016
By James T. Edwards

4367 Obituaries - 61 pages
Publication A-79 - $15.00


New Hanover County Dowers 1800-1917

Sheppard, Joseph E. Wilmington: Old New Hanover Genealogical Society, 2015.

 Portions of New Hanover County Division of Lands and Dowers from Volume A received publication in the Clarendon Courier the journal of the Old New Hanover Genealogical Society, Volume 24, Numbers 3 - 4, 2012. The abstracts of dowers in this book complete all of NHCDLD Volume A. The book begins with the NHCDLD name index and the second part with the New Hanover County dowers abstracts. A bibliography and a full name and subject index concludes the 50 page book.

A dower is the provision the law makes for allotting a portion of land to a widow (usually) one-third or one-half in some circumstances. In 1784, North Carolina abolished dower by common law, and until 1868 a dower right in the state extended only to those lands which a husband was still “seized and possessed” at the time of his death. A widow had no conveyable interest in her husband’s lands during his lifetime as she would have under the common law. Dower tracts and years provisions became less frequently allotted after 1868, when they became Special Proceedings, and in 1960 dower ended. Upon a widow’s petition to her year’s provisions or dower tract laid off, committees of neighboring freeholders not related to her by blood or marriage were appointed to view the property and report their findings to the court, which then made the allotment. After allotment, the widow could sell her dower third, but technically, the purchaser’s title lasted only as long as she remained alive. Division of lands and dowers together may provide the widow’s name; decedent’s name and sometimes his or her date of death; number of persons in the family, especially those under age of fifteen; description of land and buildings, occasionally with plot maps; lists of goods and slaves, and names of committeemen or jurors. -  Leary, Pages 196 – 197.

Publication A-77- Price: $12.00

Church of St. Thomas Apostle; Baptismal Register;
1845-1863, Roman Catholic Parish, Wilmington, NC

Sheppard, Joseph E. Church of St. Thomas Apostle; Baptismal Register: 1845 - 1863, Roman Catholic Parish, Wilmington, North Carolina USA. Wilmington: New Hanover County Public Library, Old New Hanover Genealogical Society, 2015.

The historic Church of St. Thomas Apostle yields a specific cultural view of coastal antebellum North Carolina. The Roman Catholic parish reflected the period’s population and economic boom leading up to the United States of America Civil War. The Wilmington Catholic profile ranged from the laboring class to the very wealthy, mariners and descendants of Africans, and English, French, German, Irish, Portuguese, and Scots immigrants. The nineteenth century Church of St. Thomas faith community also included Catholics from the surrounding suburbs and countryside, New Hanover County and pre-1875 Pender County, Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus, Duplin, Onslow and Sampson counties.

Including a brief history of the parish, this book outlines demographics of the baptisms by weighing the balance of men to women, infants to adults; total number of slaves’ baptisms to free Black persons; ratios of baptisms to the days of the week and how many persons were received into the faith. The Very Rev. Thomas Murphy, pastor from 1845 to 1863, listed approximately 2250 people in the register. The transcriber took the entries exactly as the historical recorder wrote them along with editorial notes. The sacramental registrar listed the names of the baptized, his or her age and birth information, parents, spouses and sponsors. A full name index concludes the 95 page volume. The book aids North Carolina religion studies and Cape Fear regional family history.

Publication A-75- Price: $16.00

OBITUARIES Abstracted from the
Wilmington Star News and the Wilmington Journal - 2016
By James T. Edwards

4367 Obituaries - 67 pages
Publication A-79 - $15.00