The Haskett Award

Whereas Delmas D. Haskett

has spent numerous years in the pursuit of Lower Cape Fear Genealogy, and,

has walked the cemeteries of Southeastern North Carolina and recorded their precious history, and,

has been of inestimable assistance to the genealogist just starting out, and,

has been there to help when the seasoned genealogist did not know where to turn, and,

has been a wealth of information to the genealogist just passing through, and,

has spent countless hours being mentor to librarian, teacher, and friend, and,

has generously given his personal library to the North Carolina Room of the New Hanover County Public Library, and,

has purchased numerous books and reels of microfilm to assist in building a good genealogical library, and,

has graciously provided sustenance in the form of soft-drinks and crackers to the genealogist too absorbed to break for lunch, and,

has abstracted thousands of pages of county records in order to make them more accessible to others, and,

has given his work freely to the Library's North Carolina Room and the Old New Hanover Genealogical Society for publication, and,

was a charter member of the Old New Hanover Genealogical Society, and,

has promoted the Society at every opportunity, and,

has compiled original records for publication in the Clarendon Courier, and,

has worked tirelessly at the promotion of genealogy, and,

has shared his expertise to all who cross his path,

therefore, the Old New Hanover Genealogical Society honors Delmas D. Haskett with this award for outstanding contributions to genealogical research for the year of 1990,
and due to his long time dedication to the field of genealogy, the Society, by acclamation, names this award The HASKETT AWARD in his honor.

Recipients of the Haskett Award

1990 - Delmas D. Haskett
1991 - William M. Reaves
1992 - Dean Jarrett
1993 - Beverly Tetterton
1994 - Helen M. Sammons
1995 -John W.Butler

1996 - Lucile Blake
2000 - Susie Sellers Carson
2008- Ann Hutteman
2009 - James Edwards
2010 - Joseph Sheppard
2011 - June Swinson


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