New Hanover County History

New Hanover County has a history replete with explorers, pirates, American Revolution heros, Civil War battles, blockade runners and early railroads. Click on the following links to get more on this history on the New Hanover County Public Library website.

Cape Fear River Area History
An excellent history of the development of the Cape Fear area in North Carolina. Covers early exploration, the settlement at Town Creek, Brunswick Town, early Wilmington, and 19th century history. Compiled circa 1976 from an original script by Leora Hiatt McEachern and Isabel Williams for the Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce . Additions by the Staff of New Hanover County Public Library, Special Collections.

New Hanover County Area Time Line 1663-1850
A detailed time line history in three parts
Timeline 1663-1760

Timeline 1760-1800
Timeline 1800-1850
Prepared by Joseph Sheppard and Beverly Tetterton,
NH County Public Library,
North Carolina Room.

City of Wilmington History - 1739-Present
A history of the City of Wilmington, its founding, commerce, growth.
Prepared by Beverly Tetterton, Special Collections Librarian, North Carolina Room