Using Heritage Quest From Home

1. Using your browser, go to
2. Click on Departments (column at screen left)
3. Click on Library (left column of the COUNTY DEPARTMENTS LISTING table)
4. Click on Reference Resources (column at screen left, under the DIVISIONS subheading)
5. Click on Electronic Resources (large elipse, screen center, top)
6. Scroll down to and click on Heritage Quest.

7. In the pop-up window that appears enter your library card number (located with the barcode) - Must be 14 digits long, no spaces, dashes, etc.

Barcode must be from a valid New Hanover County Public Library card
and begin with the number 24200.

If your card begins 2100 insert 4200 after the initial 2 and before the 1
Example: card number 2100xxxxxx must be entered as 24200100xxxxxx

8. In the pop-up window, click OK. This should enter you into the Heritage Quest site.

IF YOU HAVE NOT ENTERED THE HERITAGE QUEST SITE, or if at this point you are asked for an ID and a password, there are several things to check for:

A. If you have personal firewall software, check that "referring URL" blocking is "disabled." For most users, this step does the trick.
B. The cookies setting on your browser must be "enabled."
C. For Internet Explorer users, the security setting must be set to "medium low."
D. For IE 6.0 and up, the user's privacy setting must be set to "low."
E.  Java scripting on your browser must be "enabled."  
F. If you are still having problems, clear your cache and delete all temporary Internet files. Reboot.

Beyond these steps, the Library Staff is unable to provide technical support for your computer.

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