The membership of the Society is open to all individuals and organizations
interested in genealogy upon payment of dues.

Click here for membership application.

Mail your application and dues to:


P.O. Box 2536
Wilmington, NC 28402

Dues: Individual and Institutional- $20.00/year; Family- $25.00/year

Renewal dues are payable in January. (First renewal for those who join in
September through December is the second January.)

Pay your renewal dues BEFORE January 1 to receive $5.00 discount!

Members are encouraged to submit surnames of the families that they are researching
to be included in the Society's Surname Register.

Members receive a 10% discount on all publications.

Membership includes a subscription to the ONHGS periodic publication
'The Clarendon Courier

Special Note regarding Clarendon Courier mailing and your address:

Amazingly, the Post Office now charges ONHGS for the return to us of undeliverable copies...
and then of course charges to mail them out again!

Therefore, be sure the ONHGS is advised of any change of address
to avoid missing an issue and to avoid
the regretful but necessary surcharge of $5.00 for remailing your copy!

A returned issue will result in suspension of of mailing future issues
until a proper address is provided.