New Hanover County Public Library
North Carolina Room - Policies & Procedures

1. Research materials cannot be taken out of the North Carolina Room. A photocopier is available. It is a preservation book copier and we ask you to copy materials gently so they will be available for the next generation. Due to their fragility some materials cannot be copied. The cost per page is 15 cents.

2. Only paper and pencils are allowed in the North Carolina Room. Leave your belongings in a locker. Keep locker key with you until you are ready to leave. Women can keep handbags with them but it is suggested that they be locked up.

3. The book room is open to all patrons. Please bring books to tables in the reading room. If you know the correct location of the books you are using, please return them to the shelves. If not, place them on the carts in the book room. Do not leave books on tables.

4. Do not sit or lie on the floor in the aisles between bookshelves.

5. The map and vertical file room is only open to staff and volunteers. Request files and maps at the desk and they will be brought out to you. You may request many files but are allowed to see only one file at a time. After viewing a file return it to the reference desk and you will be given another one.

6. Microfilm readers can be used for one hour at a time. Please sign in (name and time) before you begin using the readers. If no one is waiting, you can sign up for another hour. The microfilm reader/printer is available for 30 minutes only. If no one is waiting you can sign up for another 30 minutes. Microfilm prints cost 25 cents each. .

7. You can help yourself to the microfilm reels. Please return them to their drawers or place them on the tray on top of the cabinets.

8. To use computers you must have a Pharos account. [Information on this is available at the desk.] Computer use is timed for one hour. If no one is waiting, you can sign on for another hour. The cost of computer prints is 15 cents. Pick up your printing at the reference desk and pay for them there. Space for laptop computers is available.

9. Use of public computers in the North Carolina Room is restricted to historical and genealogical research only. Other Internet research is available on the library's first floor.

10. Turn off your cell phone and pager while researching in the North Carolina Room. If you need to make a call, step out of the room to do so.

11. No food, drink or business solicitation is allowed in the North Carolina Room.