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7 July 2012: See us on Facebook! We will be periodically posting newsy items and historical tidbits of general interest there....
2011: ONHGS is pleased to announce that June Swinson has been awarded the Haskett Award for her many contributions to genealogy research in our area.
2010: ONHGS is pleased to announce that Joseph Sheppard has been awarded the Haskett Award in recognition of his many varied contributions to ONHGS and genealogy research in general for the Cape Fear area. If you have visited, called or written to the NHCPL Main Branch NC Room you likely were assisted by Joseph. Congratulations Joseph!
20 April 2010: We regret to report the death of John Butler. John was an original member of ONHGS, served on the Board many years, produced numerous books of Cape Fear area records for use in the NHCPL and for sale through the ONHGS, as well as spending countless hours proofreading draft copies of many ONHGS publications. He truly defined the term, ' A Gentleman and a Scholar.'
2009: - Jim Edwards has been awarded the the ONHGS Haskett Award for his many years of service to ONHGS. Jim has served in every office on the Board over the years. He annually produces the annual New Hanover county area obituary synopsis publication - a compilation of some 4000+ entries each year!
10 March 2008: The Clarendon Courier, the quality quarterly journal of the Old New Hanover Genealogical Society, is sent to members four times each year.Volumes 1989-2006 are now available on line. Our sincere thanks to Fred Hintz for doing a wonderful job of scanning eighteen years - 216 issues - of the Clarendon Courier into Adobe Acrobat files and generously donating this set of digital files to the ONHGS. Access Couriers now
30 November 2006: The every name index for the 2005 Clarendon Courier, the ONHGS quarterly journal, is now available on this website. 2002, 2003, 2004 indexes are also available. Thanks to Kay Berg for preparing these! See the page ONHGS Publications.
01 November 2006: 'Confederate Hospital #4 Records' has been updated: 7100 names! An amazing and unique resource document being produced by Bob Cooke - now 85% complete. Not only are the records being transcribed but where possible Bob has provided references to other sources for each named individual.
10 July 2006: CSA Confederate General Hospital #4 transcription by Bob Cooke has been updated... now has an incredible 5400 names! Soldiers names are being found here that are not in the usual record sources. Includes names, CSA unit, date admitted, medical problem, hospital discharge, hometown.... and in some cases, death date. Format is a 388 page Excel spreadsheet in Acrobat .pdf file. Names are alphabetically arrangged but the entire spreadsheet can also be searched.
10 June 2006: The Reaves African-American files have now been tidied up and indexed. The index has been merged with the General Subjects file to make searching easier.
12 March 2006: Jim Edwards had completed another year of Wilmington Area Obituaries, abstracted from the Star News and the Wilmington Journal..... 4000+ names...alphabetically listed, includes date(s) obituary was published, and if known, names of parents, birth place, etc. The 2005 list can now be ordered from ONHGS.($10.00 + $4.00 S&H). ALSO AVAILABLE: 1998-2005 Wilmington Area Obituaries - 32,000+ names, on one CD. In Microsoft Excel format so the data can be searched, sorted, etc ($30.00 + $4.00 S&H).
3 March 2006: The first pass on organizing and indexing the Bill Reaves Subject Files is now complete. 3900 + indexed folders and cross-references. Project has been underway since November 2004. See the online index on this website (pdf format). Volunteers are needed to organize individual files! If you are local, come in and inquire! Still to be arranged: the African-American files.
23 January 2006: The Bill Reaves Subject files are now complete through the letter 'S' - lots of great history in these files!
22 January 2006: The Wilmington Confederate Hospital record file being prepared by Bob Cooke has been updated - now contains 4100 names... check it out! HOWEVER the file is a huge .pdf file! So don't even think about using a dial up internet connection!
1 September 2005: Our President has produced an informative and interesting newsletter - sent to all members! See Newsletter
18 August 2005: Reaves Subject Files now indexed through the letter P - 2800 indexed files and cross references.
18 July 2005: Important recently discovered records of the Confederate Army Hospital in Wilmington - General Hospital No. 5 - are in the process of being being transcribed by Bob Cooke and posted to this ONHGS website. Interesting primary material - Patients names, diseases, hometowns! See Records
20 June 2005: Reaves Subject Files now indexed thru the letter K - 1880 indexed files and cross references.
May 12, 2005: The ONHGS service of providing photos of gravestones in the Wilmington National Cemetery is getting about 2 requests per month Our volunteers are pleased to provide this service at no charge.More Info
12 April 2005: Reaves Subject Files: Volunteers have now completed triage on files for subjects A through H as well as many incidental files later in the alphabet - some 1700 files and cross references. To see the index in process, click here. To examine the files themselves visit the North Carolina Room, New Hanover County Public Library.
23 February 2005: ONHGS is searching for individuals interested in serving on the ONHGS Board. The need is urgent! If you have any interest contact any Board member - or if you have any suggestions, pass those names along. For this organization to continue to function we need folks to get involved!
24 January 2005: NEW! Searchable indexes for the quality ONHGS quarterly journal the Clarendon Courier may be viewed on line! Click here.
8 December 2004: Exciting News: The March 12, 2005 ONHGS meeting will be a joint workshop with the NC Genealogical Society!For details see the Registration Form.
1 December 2004: The North Carolina Room at the mail New Hanover County Public Library has accessioned an amazing new resource: the Yopp Funeral Home Register. These records cover the operation of the Yopp Funeral Home in Wilmington from February 2, 1938 thru December 31, 1966. Records for 4019 individuals include personal information about the deceased, church and funeral details, survivors and occaisional bits of related material. For more information see Yopp Records.
14 November 2004: Organizing and indexing of the Bill Reaves Collection Subject Files has begun. This collection contains an estimated 1200 folders of clippings from SE North Carolina newspapers, sorted by subject - from Abattoirs to Zoos.
20 October 2004: Microfilms of North Carolina Estate Records are now available for loan to North Carolina residents, using the Inter Library Loan (ILL) procedure. Contact your local library or NC State Library Genealogical Services: phone 919-807-7460; email: pamtoms@library.dcr.state.nc.us. For more information see the ONHGS Links page.
19 October 2004: The project of organizing the Reaves Family Clipping Files - Series II - and preparing a surname index has been completed. The Index has been posted on this www.onhgs.org website. 6800+ surnames! This project was sponsored by the ONHGS. See index
28 September 2004: We regret the necessity to cancel the program by Helen Leary, scheduled for this evening. Uncertain weather made her travel problematic.
31 July 2004: Photos from our interesting picnic at the Brunswick Town NC State Park have been posted. See Photos.
20 July 2004: NC State Library announces availability of NC Estate records. See announcement.
20 June 2004: The General surname files for The Bill Reaves Series II newspaper clipping collection have been indexed - some 4500 surnames! The index list is online here - see index. This effort courtesy of your ONHGS volunteers. Indexing the 'Miscellaneous' and African-American files is underway with completion hoped for by November 1.
20 April 2004: The VA now has a search engine for burials in the various National Cemeteries. Check the site at
http://gravelocator.cem.va.gov/j2ee/servlet/NGL_v1 . This link is also on the www.onhgs.org links page.
06 April 2004: NEW! The baptism, marriage and death records for St. Thomas the Apostle Roman Catholic church, 1866 (1867 coming soon), as transcribed from the church Register by Joseph Sheppard. View
23 February 2004: The ONHGS Board has voted to fund the supplies for cleaning up and organizing the Reaves Series II files, newspaper clipping surname files for 5000+ surnames. The work will be done by volunteers.

02 February 2004: The New York Times is now offering a complete article archive from September 1851 to December 1995. You can search the full text, author, or headline.Searching is free and generates a list of hits, then icons allow you to see a sample portion of the article or purchase the article.
All this at : http://pqasb.pqarchiver.com/nytimes/advancedsearch.html

12 January 2004: NEW! A major new resource: the Bill Reaves Family Files, Series I. Over 900 surname files of newspaper clippings from Wilmington area newspapers, sorted chronologicly and then typed by Mr. Reaves are now available for NHCPL patron reference in 81 bound volumes - also, copies can be ordered by mail.. More Info
11 January 2004: Visiting the LDS Family History Center? Special prices at the Salt Lake City Holiday Inn for 2004 - - see offer
15 December 2003: Port City Architecture - This sparkling new website allows you to see and read about Wilmington's historic buildings, learn how to research your old house, get a Historic Wilmington Foundation Plaque Application, and view detailed research on many of the buildings. This award winning endeavor was created by Beverly Tetterton, known to many of you as the Special Collections Librarian of the New Hanover County Public Library North Caroline Room.

01 December 2003: NEW! "Obituary Abstracts 1998-1999-2001-2002" now available on CD. Over 16,000 names! See Publications.
22 November 2003: NEW! Heritage Quest is now available through New Hanover County Library, Reference Resources - Electronic. Note especially the indexes to the 1900 and 1910 US Census records. A NHCPL Library card with a 14 digit number is required. Access Problems? Check this Help Page.

11 October 2003: NEW! Many New Hanover County vital records going back to 1913 are now available at:

17 May 2003: The picnic at Moore's Creek was a great success. Pictures!
22 April 2003: Make your reservation for the 2003 Annual Outing of the ONHGS today. The outing will be held Saturday, May 17th, at Moores Creek National Battlefield. Lunch and tours, all for $7.50.
7 April 2003: Good news! The ancestry.com 1930 Census images for New Hanover County can now be viewed in their entirety!
24 March 2003: The New Hanover County Public Library North Carolina Room has reopened! With Herculean effort last week, the final relocation of books and equipment into the new space was completed. Come visit! Very attractive space, four microfilm readers, three PCs for CD and Internet research. Take a Photo Tour! You might want to review the new rules now in effect, designed to protect the collection. Come prepared! See Rules.
19 February 2003: Moores Creek National Battlefield: The park commemorates the February 27, 1776 victory of 1000 Patriots over 1600 Loyalists at the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge. The battle ended Royal Governor Josiah Martin's hopes of regaining control of the colony for the British crown and ended British plans for an invasionary force to land in Brunswick, North Carolina. This first decisive Patriot victory of the Revolutionary War raised morale for Patriots throughout the colonies. Six weeks after this battle, on April 12, 1776, the colony of North Carolina voted to declare independence from the British. You might want to attend the Moores Creek Battle Reenactment the weekend of 22-23 February. Beverly Tetterton of the NHCPL will be making a presentation on introductory genealogy and Joseph Sheppard of the NHCPL and others will be prepared to help you find your Revolutionary war ancestors. For "Moore" information see 'Special Events' on the Moores Creek website.

Joseph Sheppard, NHCPL,
at Moores Creek
18 February 2003: Ancesrtry.com 1930 census image viewing problems! The paid subscription is a wonderful tool... but only if it works! Seems as though while the indexing seems complete for for New Hanover County, Masonboro and Wilmington (ED 9 - 27) the posted images are not properly viewable. You can only see the page heading and the top 2-4 data lines. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please register a complaint with ancestry.com. To do this click on the small question mark button at the top right of any Ancestry.com screen, then click on the "Email Ancestry Support " tab. Enter your data and the complaint, then send it. You may get a pop up screen with an option to get live Tech Support but so far I have not ever really had this option. You will be offered a set of stock responses that do not deal with our problem, ignore these and proceed to the bottom of the screen and click on "Send Your email now"... Thanks for you help! Complain now and often and loudly until this is fixed! NOTE: This was FIXED 7 April 2003! Amen.
13 February 2003: The Lower Cape Fear Historical society has a new website address: www.latimerhouse.org
16 January 2003: At the New Hanover County Public Library, the process of moving into the new North Carolina North Carolina Room has begun! Lots to clean, reorganize and sort out, so we are looking at an estimated two months of work to complete the move.
17 December 2002: Check out the new Maps page. From time-to-time additional maps of interest will be posted on this site.
30 November 2002: The Clarendon Courier is going to the printers as this is being typed, and will be in the mail in due course. This will be a double issue, due to the serious illness of our editor. We apologize for this delay.
25 November 2002: Well, The move into the new NHCPL North Carolina Room did not happen in November. The current thought is that by the end of January 2003 the room should be ready to enjoy.......

15 November 2002: The ONHGS has made a $1500 donation in memory of Delmas Haskett, for the purchase of new furniture for the remodeled and expanded North Carolina Room of the NHCPL.

Here, David Paynter, the Director of the NHCPL, accepts the donation from James Edwards, President of the ONHGS.

Photo by Dorothy Hodder

28 October 2002: The latest on the NHCPL North Carolina Room getting into the newly enlarged space: A usually reliable source says the move-in process should begin in November. This will be a prolonged process, but when done it will be so good to get all the collection available again! If you have not been by the Library lately, do come in and see the progress! Volunteers are needed to help clean and relocate the books.
15 October 2002: What's new? This website is new!

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