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ONHGS Events

ONHGS General Meeting - and Picnic!
5 May 2018

Speaker, Eric Kozen, Superintendent of Oakdale Cemetery

Photos courtesy of Linda Lashley

General Membership Meeting
January 8, 2018

Chance Hellman, of the Onslow County Museum,
spoke about the history of beer brewing in the Lower Cape Fear area


He covered Colonial taverns/breweries
in the area, with locations!  It was great!
Beverly Tetterton, ONHGS President,
presented him with a
book in appreciation for coming. 

ONHGS General Meeting
11 Nov 2017

Approximately one million two hundred thousand Americans died in wars from the Revolutionary War
to the Vietnam War.

Military Records Research

Beverly Tetterton
Jennifer Daugherty

Photos courtesy Linda Lashley

October 9, 2017

Tom Reece and his brother Jim spent over
a decade collecting photos of every
North Carolinian who died serving
in the Vietnam War for the
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. 

He spoke about the many families whom
he contacted to work on this program. 
They are still seeking MIA’s in Vietnam. 
The average age of the men who were killed
was 19.5 years. 

Photo courtesy Linda Lashley

ONHGS General Meeting
September 11, 2017
NHC Public Library, NE Branch

"Looking for the Lost"

Our speaker was Harold Gold Davis, a volunteer DNA detective.  He spoke about his personal mission to find relatives of missing service members and encouraged them to give information to the army to help identify recovered remains.

He spent many hours connecting with the families of the POWs and MIAs from Korea in New Hanover County and NC and finally throughout the United States.  His process of finding missing POWs and MIAs has now been turned over to professional genealogists who will continue his work. 

ONHGS Picnic Jun 2017
at the Latimer House
Courtesy of the Lower Cape Fear Historical Society

A good turnout.....

... enjoyed a nice lunch......

.... followed by a Latimer House tour
conducted by Linda Lashley

ONHGS General Meeting 10 April 2017

Stewart Dunaway, guest speaker, spoke about colonial NC maps,
especially those of Claude Sauthier

Photo courtesy of Linda Lashley

ONHGS Meeting 13 March 2017

Photo courtesy Linda Lashley


ONHGS Meeting 13 February 2017

Freedman's Bureau Records
An underutilized genealogical source
Speaker: Diane L. Richard

Freedman's Bureau Records.  These records included info on former slaves,
refugees (any race), the poor and indigent (any race), orphans,
indigent widows (both armies).

Photos courtesy Linda Lashley


ONHGS Meeting 17 October 2016
Geneaogy 101 by Beverly Tetterton

Photos credit Linda Lashley

ONHGS General Meeting 12 Sep 2016
Joseph Sheppard spoke on "Finding your Irish Ancestors"

Joseph Sheppard

Door Prize Winner "Connie"

ONHGS General Meeting - 22 February 2016

Jennifer Daughtery answers questions after her DNA segment of the General Meeting

  Emily Gore and Jennifer
prepare for Emily’s topic
“Using DPLA as a Resource for
Family History Research”. 

Emily gave an enlightening power-point presentation on this relatively new project.

Speaker Emily Gore,
Director of Content for the 
Digital Public Library of America


Click here to visit the DPLA website

Photos courtesy of Linda Lashley

ONHGS General Meeting - 11 January 2016

We had a large turnout for the meeting on using online newspapers for family history research.
Our speaker was NHCPL NC Room Librarian Jennifer Daugherty.

There was also a premeet presentation by Jennifer regarding using DNA data
as a tool for genelogical research.

Photos courtesy Linda Lashley

ONHGS Holiday Party - December 14, 2015

Genealogy Trivia - serious concentration enjoyed!

Lots of Winners!!!

And scrumptious treats for all after the competition!

Photos courtesy Linda Lashley

ONHGS General Meeting
November 9, 2015

Baylus Brooks presented an intriguing program on "The Teach Family," in reference to Blackbeard. 

His search for the truth  has extended to Jamaica, where his genealogical research has revealed that much of what was published about the pirate may have been fiction.

Read the full article in the July 2015 issue of The North Carolina Historical Review. Baylus is writing a book to follow (so far he is up to 500 pages).


We had a nice group of people on a stormy,
rainy night.

Baylus enjoying the interaction with the organization and guests

Signing his article in copies of the Review
and on prints bearing the genealogy
of Gentleman Thache (sic)

ONHGS General meeting
October 12, 2015

Speaker: John A. McGeachy
Speaking on the ca 1850s manuscript, author unknown, the subject of his well annotated book
"Cape Fear Sketches & Loafer Ramblings"

Beginning his presentation

(The book maybe ordered at Jack_McGeachy@ncsu.edu)

Pondering a question from the audience

Signing the book he wrote for a guest

ONHGS General Meeting
21 September 2015
Justine Roach
NHCPL Law Librarian

"Learn How to Use Legal Resources for Genealogy Research"

Co-sponsored by the Old New Hanover Genealogical Society and the New Hanover County Public Library.

Justine readies for her
Power Point presentation

We even have occasional freebies!

Photos courtesy of Linda Lashley

A fascinating presentation on little known legal resources

Justine and Special Collections Librarian Jennifer Daugherty - ONHGS VP - are always glad to answer questions

Networking at the dessert table

ONHGS General Meeting
09 March 2015
Stewart Dunaway
"Least Known Records"

Using road, bridge, ferry, mill and tavern records
for genealogical research

ONHGS General Meeting
09 Feb 2015
Henry Mintz -
"Ask the Civil War Expert"

Researching Civil War records,
the National Archives,
and records you never knew existed

ONHGS General Meeting 12 Jan 2015

Jennifer Daugherty of the NHCPL
North Carolina Room speaks on
"DNA: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"

Attendees lined up with questions for
Jennifer after her presentation

There was a large turnout to hear the presentation
Photos courtesy of Linda Lashley

ONHGS Holiday Party December 6, 2014

President Beverly Tetterton with
Michael Whaley, Millie Ellidge,
hostess Ann Hutteman, Jennifer
Daugherty and husband

Ann sets beautiful table!


Group of attendees around the "prettiest tree in Wilmington"

ONHGS Board Meeting December 1, 2014
We planned the annual Christmas party and upcoming 2015 general meetings. Anne Hutteman, the new Parlimentarian, has graciously volunteered to host the party at her home, and, in appreciation, was presented with an ornament for her "most beautiful tree in Wilmington," a stack of library (surely genealogy!) books.

ONHGS GeneralMeeting Monday, November 10, 2014

President Beverly Tetterton opens the meeting
and introduces the speakers.

Christine Hockaday and Billy Koch explain
their project thru CFCC.

Billy shows a spreadsheet of slave transactions and data, remarkably reaching back to 1734!

The topic brought in a large group of interested parties from across the region.

ONHGS General Meeting 6 Oct 2014

Internet Interest group

Led by Nancy Hoyt

Beverly Tetterton opens the first

meeting of the 2014-2015 year as the

incoming president. She told about the

swagger stick used by a WWI

veteran, who had gifted it to her.

David Norris

gave a Powerpoint

presentation on


WWI records

WWI Draft

registration card for

Grouch Marx

(Julius Henry Marx)

It was not

uncommon for the troops

to form scenes such

as this, the Liberty Bell.

Jackets were removed to achieve

the variation in shading.



General Meeting
May 17, 2014

Celebrating 25 years of providing
genealogical programs and support to the Wilmington area.

Open to the public, members shared a variety of presentations showing their
personal family history work.

Cheryl Fetterman & Linda Lashley with the display of Linda's family

Meeeting and Greeting - a pleasant part of every meeting

Charlotte Fetterman presented a DVD of selected photos taken during the 9 years she has served, first as president and chairman of the steering committee of ONHGS, to each commettee member, and expressed her appreciation for their work and supportive teamwork...

Jim Edwards, of the nominating committee, announced the results of the recent
ONHGS officers & board members election.

Carolyn Corbett presented Charlotte Fetterman the coveted Haskett Award for her 9 years of diligent leadership that kept the ONHGS moving forward.

And, Thank You Carolyn!
for providing the refreshments.....

Photos courtesy Linda Lashley


General Meeting

October 19, 2013

Members signing in...

Guests always welcome!

Jim leads the

Computer Interest Group

before the main meeting

ONHGS Guest Speaker

"Using Courthouse


Resource materials

Photos Courtesy Linda Lashley

Beginner's Hands-on Workshop
August 24, 2013

Photos courtesy Linda Lashley

ONHGS General Meeting
The Role of Quilts in the Underground Railroad
US Civil War
Mrs. Hattie Schmidt
May 18, 2013

Mrs.Schmidt displays several quils and her collection from Africa

Symbols used in quilts to guide slaves to a safe haven

Charltte Fetterman and Marjorie Cuzzocrea admire a quilt square
mounted on a rod and used for a wall hanging

Mrs . Schmidt explains one of her contemporary quilts

Photos courtesy Linda Lashley

ONHGS General Meeting
Advanced Research Options
January 26, 2013

Speakers: Jennifer Daughtery & Joseph Sheppard
North Carolina Room Librarians
New Hanover County Public Library

Photos by Linda Lashley

ONHGS Seminar
"Getting Started on Your Family History
December 1, 2012

Charlotte Fetterman
Genealogy Charts

Joseph Sheppard
Library Internet Resources

Jim Edwards
Census Records

Marjorie Cuzzocrea
Proving your Ancestry

ONHGS presentation to the NHCPL honoring Beverly Tetterton's many years of valuable service to the local genealogical community

Nancy Hoyt
Internet Research


ONHGS General Meeting - October 20, 2012

Charlotte Fetterman, Chair, introduced the 11" x 17" Pedigree Tree charts which the ONHGS will be offering for sale. They have lots of space for use as work sheets and can also be used for making presentation/framed charts.

Carolyn Corbett unveiled the 2011 Haskett Award, the recipient being June Swinson, Pender County Library Archivist. The award is given annually to individuals who have demonstrated commitment to furthering quality genealogical research in our area.

Guest speaker was Victor Jones, author and Special Collections Librarian at the New Bern-Craven County Library. He spoke on the Palatines, Swiss-German immigrants who came to NC in the early 1700's lured by promises of free and bountiful land only to find themselves being mistreated at length.

Photos Courtesy of Linda Lashley

General Meeting - April 2012

David Norris - speaking on "Lost Records"

General Meeting - January 2012

Elaine Henson - speaking on "The Construction of Snow's Cut"

ONHGS Board Meeting - November 2011
Visitors always welcome!

Charlotte Fetterman-President
James Edwards-Courier Co-Editor
Marjorie Cuzzocrea-Secretary
Carolyn Corbett-Membership
Linda Lashley-Historian


ONHGS Seminar and Luncheon
October 2011

3 Speakers

Linda Lashley distributes bag lunches

James Edwards - Internet searches

Ann Hutteman - How to publish a family history

June Swinson - Earliest Graves, Researching Cemeteries

Carolyn Corbett tests the cookies

Photos courtesy Linda Lashley

ONHGS Picnic 2011

Snow's Cut Park
Elaine Henson gave a presentation on the history and development
of the body of water near Carolina Beach

Marjorie Cuzzocrea, Elaine Henson, Carolyn Corbett, Cheryl Fetterman, Charlotte Fetterman, Linda Lashley

Photos courtesy Linda Lashley

ONHGS General Meeting March 2011
Dennis Jones, guest speaker:
"Who Were Those
French Huguenots
& Where Did They Go"

Computer Interest Group - Jim Edwards, leader

Photos courtesy Linda Lashley

ONHGS Meeting - December 2008

Marjorie & Charlotte


Jim - Computer session Leader

Tim Rackley
Our Speaker

April 2005
Spring 'Picnic'
at St. Paul's Episcopal Church
Wilmington, NC


Joint Meeting with the


April 12, 2005



ONHGS Picnic

May 2004

Brunswick Town, Brunswick County,
North Carolina


2003 ONHGS Picnic

Moores Creek National Battlefield |


Members are encouraged to submit historic records and family photos!

To submit an item for this page, please send a digital copy to Pete Ambler,
or bring it to the North Carolina Room of the New Hanover County Public Library.
Supply location, names and date, if known, as well as other contextual information.
All printed copies will be returned - be sure to include your name and address

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