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Reaves Family Files: Series II

There are 6900+ Family Files of clippings accumulated by Mr. Reaves which have not been typed and indexed, including many which supplement the Series I surnames. These clippings are all dated and identify the newspaper in which they appeared. Some files contain as few as one or four clippings; others over 200. Some of the clippings may duplicate typed information found in the Series I collection. Mr. Reaves did not make any attempt to separate families with the same surname, therefore, it is up to the researcher to use the information to the best advantage.

Researchers are urged to consider alternate spelling for uncommon surnames and also to examine the Family files for related surnames. For instance, a single clipping may be filed under the groom's name or under the bride's name or the name of the remarried mother of the bride. Also consider examining files for organizations the individual may have belonged to, places of employment, churches and other SUBJECT files. Remember these are clippings cut from local newspapers: in most cases you are looking at one clipping that may have ended up in the file for any surname mentioned in the clipping..... generally the surname that Mr. Reaves felt was most significant... and cross references may or may not have been placed in other files.

Most of the Series II files are simply in the form of loose clippings. About 2% have been arranged chronologically and mounted on archival paper. We urge interested individuals or families to sort and mount the clippings for families of interest. A free photocopy of the file will be provided you - and it is a great source family history!

A single online Index page allows a researcher access to both the Series II General Surname Files and the Series II African -American Surname Files. Some files have been collated; most have not.

Be aware that it is not always evident in a clipping that a family or individual named is - or is not - African-American and for completeness sake both parts of Series I should be examined by the researcher.

The Library staff regrets that limited resources prevent search by the staff for for particular names within these files. Visitors to the Library may research in these files.

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