The Yopp Funeral Home Register

The records of the Yopp Funeral Home were the gift of Gene Todd to the New Hanover County Public Library, North Carolina Room, November, 2004.

The Yopp Funeral Home operated in Wilmington, North Carolina, from 1892 to 1966, with two generations of the family running the business.

W. E.Yopp Sr. 1919

W. E. Yopp Jr. 1945

1892 Advertisement, Morning Star

For more information on the Yopp family see the Bill Reaves Collection Family Files. A 78 page collection of newspaper clippings for the Yopp surname has been collated by J. Kenneth Davis.

From 1892 thru 1936 the Yopps did business at 206 and 211 Princess Street, Wilmington.

In 1937 a new place of business was established at 1207 Market Street.

The business was sold upon W. E. Yopp Jr.'s death in 1968. For a while it operated as the Burke-Yopp Funeral Home then eventually it closed.

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Yopp Funeral Home ca 1946

1892 -1911

The Yopp ledgers from 1892 through 1911 are primarily financial records. These show generally the name of the deceased, the name of the party responsible for payment of services, the service date, and often the cemetery. Only in rare instances is there additional information of value to a researcher. These records have not been indexed.


1912 - 1938

For the period 1912 through 1938 the records become more complete, generally the deceased being named with often additional information. Approximately 1500 names from the records of this period have been indexed and annotated and arranged alphabetically by J. Kenneth Davis using the original record books of the Yopps and other sources. Generally this includes known birth and death dates, next of kin, burial place. This compilation is available in the North Carolina Room of the NHCPL as Yopp Funeral Home Register Volume 1.

1938 - 1966

The records for 1938 through 1966 are filed in chronological order.

This Register file consists of some 4000 'shucks' numbered by Yopp from 1 to 4019. These are in chronological order by date of the funeral service.

The period covered by these files is February 2, 1938 through December 31, 1966. Please note that the records of March 5, 1943 through March 4, 1945 are missing from this collection.

The collection has been cleaned, organized and prepared for use by J. Kenneth Davis. An every name index has been prepared by Ann Hewlett Hutteman and published as Yopp Funeral Home Register Volume 2, available on line here.

Every Name Index 1938-1966
118 pages - pdf format

Each file consists of a primary funeral service information card:

These cards are seldom filled out in their entirety but do generally have the place and date of death, names of the parents of the deceased, survivors names, pallbearers names, and church and funeral service information. In addition there may be correspondence with the family of the deceased, obituaries, medical records and other records - even the details of the clothing purchased for the deceased.

Use the New Hanover County Register of Deeds Death Record website to verify the date of death.

The files may be examined and copied by visiting the New Hanover County Public Library, North Carolina Room.

COPIES OF THE RECORDS: To obtain scanned copies of a file request via letter to the Staff of the North Carolina Room, New Hanover Public Library, 201 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, NC, 28401 or by email to Supply the name of the deceased and date of death if known. A donation of $5.00 to cover preparation and mailing costs is requested.